This won’t be a story about previous experiences and education which has led Rick Feds to where he is now. This is a story about a man who lives in the moment because a moment changed who he is now! 

His story is unordinary, some may say that it is unbelievable or weird.

Maybe it is all those things!


Rick was just a regular guy, just like everyone else, but one day everything around and inside him changed forever. 

It was a dark summer night, but the sky seemed different. It was wearing a soft purple tone which seemed almost magical. The stars were brighter than ever, but that wasn’t what surprised Rick. They felt so close and alive like they were acknowledging his presence. The air was sweet, the silence was eating the time away like in a dream and he started feeling like some esoteric power has been waiting for him to walk outside and look up the sky.


Although there were millions of stars shining brighter than ever, there was one amongst all which was the brightest. No, it wasn’t the North Star but it seemed that it was shining just for Rick. Suddenly the star moved and a bright ray of light was shooting down right into the frightened boy. Rick couldn’t move his body was rattled from the power of the ray until he collapsed on the soft grass. 


A few days later he woke up in a hospital and realised that he isn’t the same anymore. Something was different, something had changed forever.

The next day he walked in a friend's music studio and realised that he is able to play different synthesisers and electronic drums like some kind of a prince from outer space! And even more - Rick started experiencing supernatural physical strength and a big responsibility to create new art forms in order to share a message with the people on earth.



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