Rick Feds Society

Rick Feds Society (RFS) was established in early 2013 in Philadelphia, when Rick Feds created a community of musicians, visual artists and dancers that would collaborate in a creative product and push the limits of electronic music.

The sounds of RFS travel through contemporary electronic music, 80's synth- pop and even academic music in a creation of a refreshing and genre blending experience.

Rick Feds (previously known also as Rihards Fedotovs) is a European drum phenomenon that has performed with countless of world acclaimed artists.

He came to the U.S. in 2010 after receiving Fulbright scholarship to study. In a short period of time he has established his name in the Philadelphia gospel scene. He also performs with Djs and musicians such as Betty Wright, Cuba Gooding Sr., Ascendance, John Swana, Joel Frahm, Tim Motzer, Anthony Tidd, Dave Manley, The Hazelrigg Brothers, Nomsa Mazwai to name a few.

Rick Feds Society serves him as a platform where he shares all his diverse musical experiences. His original compositions bring a fresh approach to dance music, they cross the borders among different music genres.

His virtuosity as a drummer as well as his engaging personality attracts crowds on both sides of the Atlantic.

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